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Kelly's Directories 1864 - 1915

Kelly's Directory (or more formally, the Kelly's, Post Office and Harrod & Co Directory) was a trade directory in England that listed all businesses and tradespeople in a particular city or town, as well as a general directory of postal addresses of local gentry, landowners, charities, and other facilities. In effect, it was a Victorian version of today's Yellow Pages.


We have searched for those Directories that include details of Dorney and transcribed them into searchable text documents:


  • Post Office Directory 1864 (Kelly’s)
  • Kelly’s Directory 1883
  • Kelly’s Directory 1903
  • Kelly’s Directory 1907
  • Kelly’s Directory 1911
  • Kelly’s Directory 1915
Kelly's Directories - Dorney Information 1864 - 1915
Post Office Directory 1864 Kelly's 1883 [...]
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