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“To conserve and preserve the history of Dorney Parish and the area”


Dorney History is a not-for-profit association of people who work together in order to research, record and promote all aspects of the history of the Dorney area.


About Dorney History 

We are a group of local residents who love our village and the surrounding area and respect and enjoy the history of the area.


We want to research the history and share it with others around the world who might be interested.


Providing access to the facts, figures, people and places is what we want to do.


Sharing this through this website is, we believe, the best way of bringing it all together.


We hope you agree.


Bill Dax 

Recent Updates to the website:

We regularly add or update information on this website. 

Please follow the links below to the updates.




October 2020: Dorney Wills in the National Archives


October 2020: Colin and Rosemary Morton have asked the Dorney History Group to hold the website archive of the Eton Dorney Project. Currently "work in progress" and can be found on this link.


October 2020: Five more historical articles about Dorney from Virginia Silvester


April 2020: Thelma Dufton, who lives in Australia, wrote a series of articles for Dorney Parish News about her life in Dorney during World War II as a child, having been encouraged to do so by the Dorney History Group website.


April 2020: The Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus 1798 with Dorney extracts. The Posse Comitatus, or civil power, was a survey of all men capable of acting in a military capacity who were neither Quakers, nor clergymen nor already serving in a military unit.  Men between the ages of 15 and 60 were included.  In addition, the number of horses, wagons and carts available were surveyed. It was prepared to assess the potential availability of military preparedness in the event of invasion by France.


April 2020: Burials in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalene, Boveney? An attempt to answer this beguiling question via the Pope in 1511 and an entry in an 1859 book about the Thames. 


April 2020: Listing of Dorney Parish Registers - Baptisms, Banns, Marriages and Burials 1538 - 1984 (Not all years available).


April 2020: Digitised transcription of Dorney Burials Register 1726 - 1900, with some interesting information available


April 2020: Nine more interesting, historical articles about Dorney from Virginia Silvester.


March 2019: Three further interesting, historical articles about Dorney from Virginia Silvester. Scandal in Dorney Reach, Dorney and the Armistice and A Royal Visit


February 2019: Historical Notes on Dorney Parish and Church by Rev. A.C. Adcock (Vicar), 1949. These Notes, in a 16 page booklet, provide "a certain amount of information which is likely to be interesting to present-day parishioners and visitors. The people of Dorney ought to know something about the place they live in; they have a goodly heritage which includes a beautiful parish church; and they have a duty to hand on this heritage unspoiled to their successors. One of the aims of historical writing is to make us aware of such gifts and such duties".


January 2019: Dorney and Boveney [inc Lake End] Tithe Apportionment Schedule and Maps 1844/86. These record the owners and tenants of all of the land and property in Dorney, Boveney and Lake End in 1844/86. At that time Boveney included a large expanse of land and property near what is now Dorney Wood house north of Burnham.


December 2018: Research Paper: Should Dorney, Dorney Reach and Boveney (Dorney Parish) move from Buckinghamshire to the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead? Over the years, a number of people in Dorney have asked this question. The recent Government decision to create the Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority, reinvigorates the debate and could be considered by the residents of Dorney, Dorney Reach & Boveney (Dorney Parish) as suggested by the Editor of Dorney Parish News. This research paper is an attempt to pull some of the information that is available together, from an historical viewpoint, in order to assist a sensible debate on the question “Should Dorney, Dorney Reach and Boveney (Dorney Parish) move from Buckinghamshire to the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead?”.


October 2018: Historical Background of the Dorney Area. Documentary and Place Name Evidence:  by Julian Mumby


September 2018: Further historical articles about Dorney from Virginia Silvester


September 2018: Dorney Manor Court Rolls: 1514 to 1949. The Dorney History Group has been given access to the Dorney Manor Court Rolls from 1514 to 1949. We would like to thank the Palmer family for their kind assistance to enable these important records of the village life of Dorney to be made public.


September 2018: Dorney Remembers: World War I. A paper written on the centenary anniversary of World War I about those from Dorney who died or are buried in Dorney.


August 2018: The Natural History and Archaeology of Dorney.

We are delighted to be able to provide a new section dedicated to these important and fascinating subjects. We must thank Peter Tyler, especially, for his tireless and professional efforts to record and comment on the Natural History of Dorney Parish. Thanks are also given to Eton College, the Environment Agency and Historic England for the two archaeological records of the area.


August 2018: The NADFAS Church Record of St James the Less, Dorney 2013

The NADFAS Record comprises 226 pages of detailed study of the furnishings, artefacts and some of the fabric of the church at that time.


August 2018: Dorney in Kelly's Directories 1864 - 1915

Trade directories including Dorney residents and businesses - 1864, 1869, 1883, 1903, 1907, 1911, 1915


August 2018: Dorney in Kelly's Directories 1924 - 1939

Trade directories including Dorney residents and businesses - 1924, 1931, 1935, 1939


April 2018: Dorney War Memorial 1939-1945 Second World War

The Dorney War Memorial was created in the early 1950s on the south side of Village Road, adjoining Dorney Common. Includes details of the fallen.


March 2018: Dorney Parish News - Articles by Virginia Silvester.

Virginia is a regular contributor of Dorney history articles for Dorney Parish News. 


June 2017: The History of Dorney in Buckinghamshire.

From 1265 to the present day, including the arguments for and against Dorney being in Berks or remaining in Bucks in 1972.