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Dorney Parish News: Articles by Virginia Silvester

Virginia Silvester lives in Dorney Reach and you can find her most interesting research on Dorney Reach on this link


She regularly pens historical articles about Dorney for Dorney Parish News and the Editor of Dorney Parish News and Virginia have kindly agreed for the articles to be published on this website. 

Scandal in Dorney Reach
A hundred years ago, Dorney residents would have been shocked to find their quiet neighbourhood featuring in the national newspapers as the location of misconduct reported in a divorce case.
Virginia Silvester Scandal in Dorney Rea[...]
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Dorney and the Armistice
November 2018 sees the 100th anniversary of the armistice which brought to a close the First World War. What did this mean for the people of Dorney?
Virginia Silvester Dorney and the Armist[...]
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A Royal Visit
Throughout her long reign, Queen Elizabeth I made many visits to other parts of her kingdom, called a royal progress. For many years, until the late 1580s, she would travel round every spring and summer, stopping at selected grand houses and towns in southern England. She wanted both to see and be seen, by as great a number of her subjects as possible.
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Dorney at The Quarter Sessions
There aren’t many sources to shed light on Dorney around 1700, but one which does is the record of activity at Buckinghamshire’s Quarter Sessions. This court was held four times a year, at places like Buckingham, Aylesbury or Amersham. Presided over by the county’s JPs, the sessions dealt with a wide range of topics, some misdemeanours but many purely administrative.
Virginia Silvester Dorney at the Quarter[...]
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A Broader Picture
Among the wealth of historical data now being published online is Cambridge University’s Atlas of Victorian and Edwardian Population, which can be seen at . This takes all sorts fascinating facts, such as age at marriage or infant mortality, and plots them on a map of England and Wales, allowing you to view trends between 1851 and 1911. It’s broken down by area, so that you can also compare your locality with other places.
Virginia Silvester A Broader Picture.pdf
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Long View of parish responsibilities
There’s an excellent programme on Radio 4 called The Long View. This looks at topical issues today and compares them with similar situations in the past – which could be 40 or 400 years ago. It’s surprising how often we can learn lessons from history.

The current debate about a unitary authority for Bucks made me think about the long view of local authorities, especially as one option on the cards appears to be devolving more responsibility to parish councils.
Virginia Silvester Long view of parish r[...]
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Dorney in the Second World War
Like many rural places, Dorney was liable to receive occasional damage from stray bombs. Thanks to an excellent comprehensive listing on the website of the Centre for Buckinghamshire studies, we know that bombs fell on or near Dorney on four separate occasions during the war.
Virginia Silvester Dorney in the Second [...]
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Dorney and the Chalcots Estate
In the aftermath of the Grenfell fire [14th June 2017], was anyone else intrigued by the names of four tower blocks in London, partially evacuated due to safety concerns?
These are on the Chalcots estate in Primrose Hill, and the four high-rise tower blocks are called Dorney, Taplow, Burnham and Bray. What, I wondered, could possibly be the reason for these names? ......
Virginia Silvester Chalcots estate.pdf
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Dorney and the Motorway [M4]
Love it or hate it, the motorway is an integral part of living in Dorney, and its arrival had a profound effect on residents. Plans for a Maidenhead by-pass were first discussed in 1923, and work started in the 1930s on a dual carriageway with cycle tracks..........
Virginia Silvester Dorney and the motorw[...]
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Crime in Victorian Dorney
Local newspapers are a great source of detail about the past, and fortunately for us, large chunks of historical issues of the Windsor and Eton Express can be seen online, at . Just like now, crime was well reported, and here I’m taking a look at events which affected Dorney residents in the period up to 1860.....
Virginia Silvester CRIME IN VICTORIAN DO[...]
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Dorney Shopping Then & Now
When the previous owners of our house moved here in 1965, the outgoing occupants left a helpful list of “retailers who have given satisfaction”. Looking at this note half a century later, it reads more like the Victorian era. Not only milk and newspapers were delivered to Dorney Reach, but so were bread (3 days a week – not counting that there was still a baker’s shop in Dorney village), meat (daily), fresh fish (3 days a week), and fruit and vegetables (twice a week)........
Virginia Silvester Dorney shopping.pdf
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T.W.E. Roche of Dorney
A couple of years ago, I was asked by someone at the South Devon Railway about a former resident of Dorney Reach – TWE Roche. Mr Roche had played a key part in the negotiations to buy the branch line which became the South Devon Railway from British Rail, after it closed in 1962; and his address was St Helier, Dorney Reach.
Some residents of Dorney will no doubt still remember TWE Roche, who seems to have been a remarkable and interesting man......
Virginia Silvester TWE ROCHE.pdf
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A Dorney Character: Jeremiah Dell
Browsing through the old newspapers online, my attention was attracted by a report of an incident at Burnham Fair in October 1850. A 90 year old resident of Dorney called Jeremiah Dell had walked up to the fair in the morning with his 9 year old grandson. Described as “highly respectable”, he and the boy spent all day at the fair enjoying its amusements, and, it is hinted, he had drunk a few beers......
Virginia Silvester A Dorney Character.pd[...]
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