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Dorney History 

The Garrard Monument

The history of the Garrard Monument below was written by Lt. Col. P.D.S. Palmer in 1978. We echo his request "for any information to fill the gaps".


Lt. Col. P.D.S. Palmer.



The Garrard Monument in the Chapel at St. James Church, Dorney, is the memorial of Sir William Garrard of Dorney, Kt, High Sheriff of Bucks 1598, and son of Sir William Garrard Kt, Lord Mayor of London 1555, and of his wife Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Rowe Kt, Lord Mayor of London 1568/9. They were married c.1573.


Sir William was one of 500 persons knighted on 23rd July 1603 - in the Royal gardens at Whitehall before the coronation of King James 1. He died in the 70th year of his age on 17th November 1607 and was buried in the vault below the Monument on ' 19th November. His wife was buried there on 7th December 1624.


The monument, which originally included Sir William's helm and standards, was equipped at his expense and was set up by his widow. It was completed under the direction of his son-in-law, John Kedermister. The monument was enlarged by his widow at her expense so that it should serve both her and their 15 children. Their effigies and arms are shown on it. The events recorded on the monument cover the period from 1607 to 1625 so that John Kedermister's responsibility probably lasted some 20 years.


Five of the children are shown with skulls in their hands and this indicates that they had died in their father's lifetime, e.g. before 1607. I do not know why the two eldest sons, Thomas and George, are depicted in armour. Nor do I know if the various head-dresses of the daughters have significance.


It is thought that the monument is the work of Nicholas Janssen or Johnson. Some of the effigies are most beautifully done, but others are not of the same high standard and may be the work of one or more of his pupils.


In May 1628 some 3 ½ years after his mother's death, Thomas Garrard, the eldest son, sold Dorney to Sir Roger Palmer K.B. of the Wingham branch of the family and he leased it to his younger brother, James, on 3rd July 1628, who made it his home and founded the Dorney line of the family. 


As some 40 of us have been buried in the vault over the past 350 years, I have felt it proper for me to take an interest in the Garrard monument and to keep it in repair. A.H. Packe of Burnham has helped me by cleaning, re-gilding and re-painting  it between lst January to 3lst July 1978. He made no charge for doing the work other than for the cost of materials. He did a most excellent job for which I am very grateful. I think it looks lovely and I am so glad that I had it done.


Lipscombs "Burnham Hundred" shows that in 1847 he was unable to read all the Latin inscriptions, so naturally I wondered whether our re-painting of the text was accurate. However the lettering was incised so that it was almost impossible to make a mistake. D.P. Simpson of Eton College confirms that the text as re-painted is correct Latin. Incidentally he says that while the top two inscriptions are Latin prose, the bottom two are verse. David Simpson was also kind enough to translate the Latin for me and I hope to frame the result and put it up on the monument. I give below a copy.


Between the two bottom inscriptions there is a shield showing the arms of John Kedermister impaling those of his wife, Maria Garrard. I think this is intended to indicate that he was the son-in-law responsible for the completion of the monument. 


The marriages of the Garrard children show how the Parish of Dorney became linked with neighbouring Parishes at that date.  I have been helped in my research on the Garrard family by Robert Garrett, who is an authority on them. Our combined efforts are given in the attached Table, which I offer as a possible help to local historians and others. The Table does not profess to be complete and I would be grateful for any information to fill the gaps. I hope to frame a copy and to hang it in the Chapel.




Translation from the Latin of Garrard Monument Inscriptions.

By D.P. Simpson Esq. of Eton College, 1978


Here, reader, is laid William Garrard, Knight (son of William Garrard, Knight), a man about whom general report does not lie, conspicuous for loyalty integrity and piety, and of remarkable kindness towards the needy, who so died as he will have taught others to live. He died on the 17th of November in the year of Our Lord 1607 and in the seventieth year of his life.


Over his bones his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Rowe, Knight, fortunate in thirty years of harmony with her husband and blessed with numerous offspring, but in this untimely duty most unhappy, set up this monument, lest death itself should separate those whom outstanding love had united, and intended it to serve herself and her family.


This monument the father-in-law equipped at his own expense and ordered the business to be completed under his son-in-law's direction.


But this was enlarged by the wives of the son-in-law and father-in-law, through the weeping of one and through the tears and expenditure of the other.




May be the work of Nicholas Janssen or Johnson and was cleaned and re-gilded and re-painted by A.H. Packe of Burnham in 1978.


Notes on the Garrard family of Dorney compiled by Lt. Col. P.D.S. Palmer with the help of Robert Garrett Esq. in 1978.


Sir William Garrard of Dorney, Kt

born c. 1537. Son of Sir William Sir William Garrard, Kt. Lord Mayor of London 1555. High Sheriff of Bucks 1598. One of 500 persons knighted on 23 July 1603 in the Royal Gardens at Whitehall before the coronation of King James I.

died 17 Nov.1607. buried 19 Nov. in the vault.

Lady Garrard

Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Rowe Kt, Lord Mayor of London 1568/9. m.c.1573

buried 7 Dec.1624 in the vault.


Their 15 Children




Date of Baptism at Dorney


Date of Burial




17 Oct. 1574


28 June 1575 at Dorney




24 Jan. 1575/6


12 Feb 1575/6 at Dorney




11 Aug. 1577

5 Sept.1596 at Dorney to John Kedermister of Langley Marish. Knighted 3 Oct.1609. Will proved 1631. He was the son-in-law of the inscription.

Buried at Langley Marish. Date Unknown.




3 Dec. 1578

Dorothy, dau. of Sir William Clarke Kt. of  Hitcham who entertained Q. Elizabeth at Hitcham  Manor House 1602. Marriage not in Dorney or Hitcham P.R.

Mary, widow of Dennis 1651/2 Fleming. (d. 1639), - Her Admon 1651 .

Buried at Langley Marish. Will proved 14 Feb.1651/2



George, Master of Charterhouse 1627 - 50

8 Nov. 1579

Elizabeth, dau. of George Swallow of Great Chesterfield, Essex. m at St. Will ’ Armour . 1627-50 Martin Orgar 1625. b.c.  1598. d before 1642

Pcc Will 1655




9 Apr. 1581

Sir Rowland Hynde Kt





28 Mar. 1582






25 Mar 1582/3

1. 25 Nov.1605 at Dorney to Thomas Gresham of Fulham who d. 11 July 1620.

 2. .......... 1638





c. 1584 not at Dorney P.R.






12 Apr. 1585






7 Apr. 1586


In mother’s will 1623




18 Aug. 1586

Apprenticed to Haberdashers of Fulham d. unm

Admon 1641




14 Oct. 1589


Not in mother’s will 1623




16 Jul. 1591

1613 James Palmer Knighted 1629

2 Jul. 1617 at Enfield M.I. by Nicholas Stone




24 May 1592

7 Mar. 1618/19 at St. Gregory by St. Pauls to William Wentworth, Widower