Dorney History
Dorney History 




This is the initial list of books that are of relevance to Dorney Parish

Those marked in blue are available through Amazon 

Those not marked in blue may be available for local loan. Please request through the Contact Us page. 

Gathering the people, settling the land. The Archaeology of a Middle Thames Landscape.
Anglo-Saxon to post-medieval.

S Foreman, J Hillier and D Potts, Oxford Archaeology

Thames Valley Landscapes, Monograph No 14 Oxbow Books, 2002, Oxford Archaeological
Unit, ISBN 0-904220-31-1, 122pp and

Comprehensive account of archaeological discoveries in the Parish prior to construction of the Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton Flood Alleviation Scheme and the Eton College Rowing Course project.


The Thames Locks.

John Kemplay, Ronald Crowhurst & Co, 2000, ISBN 0 95 18964 15, 87pp

An authoritative account of the development of the River Thames as a navigable waterway through the introduction of locks including Boveney.


A Pineapple for the King

T W E Roche, Phillimore & Co Ltd, 1971, ISBN 900592281,

The History of the Palmer family over 350 years and their occupancy of Dorney Court.


The Eton Book of the River with an account of the Thames and the relevance of

L S R Byrne and E L Churchill, 1935, 262pp.

A well-researched account of the management of the river over a Millenium, including the importance of locks, amongst which Boveney features.


The Book of the Thames, 

(Mr and Mrs) S C Hall, Charlotte James, (First published
1869) New edition 1978, ISBN 0 950
399094, 516pp

Charming account with colourful anecdotes about Boveney Church.



J N P Watson, Robert
Hale, The Dorneywood Trust, 1992,   ISBN
07090 50100, 53pp

A very thoroughly researched account of the history of Dorneywood and its separation from Dorney Parish to become a residence for Secretaries of State.


The Story of a School,

The History of a School, L Eastgate, Published by Dorney
School, 2000, 60pp

A former head teacher's detailed account covering the period 1875 to World War II.


Dorney Old and New,

M R Harris, Dorney Parish Council Millennium Commemoration, Dorney Parish Council, 2000, 25pp, booklet

An illustrated guide to the Parish past and present.


The Natural History of Dorney Parish,

Peter Tyler, 2000, 54pp

A record of the flora and fauna occurring in the Parish together with comment on the challenges facing the environment.


A Few Blocks from Broadway,

Roger Royle, 1987, 160pp Hodder and Stoughton,

Former senior chaplain at Eton and vicar of Dorney who later was media presenter on Radio 2 and BBC TV (Songs of Praise), he writes warmly of his experiences in the Parish.



Biography of Grizzel Hartley, former Dame of an Eton House
who resided in Dorney for many years.


Bill Dax/Jean Tyler